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    Knife Attack & Self Defense Drills: BadAzz Combat Academy By Franklin Joseph

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    » 'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph was born in slums of New Delhi, he was exposed to abuse and violence from a very young age, and all his youth, he gained in-sight of crime modus operandi and criminal mindset along with life-time real-life street combat experience.

    » After 11 years after working as a IT-Creative Director, he turned into a Social Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker to listen and share what I learned in my life.

    » 1986 : Started researching and educating myself on Safety Empowerment to help me heal and elevate myself from my own sexual abuse and violent past.

    » 1995 : Onwards, he researched, created and designing grass-root workshop module on Women Safety Empowerment by living or researching with women with abusive past or trauma.

    » 2004 : Started learning and practising Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense in Delhi and has been trained by legends like Master Vicky Kapoor, Avi Moyal, Shlomi Moyal, Gabi Noah, Amnon Darsa etc.

    » 2005 : Assisted Mr. Vicky Kapoor in many tactical training with Military, Police and Special Forces.

    » 2007 : Started designing Power to Women Corporate workshops with inputs from a Woman Psychologist as well as women victims of trauma.

    » 2008 : Started conducting and specialising on ‘’ : Women's Safety Awareness, Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse

    » 2009 : Created ‘’ and Mother Child Safety Awareness workshops focusing on Children Safety Empowerment from within.

    » 2010 : Founded 'BadAzz Combat Academy' working on teaching no-nonsense, hardcore training with a limited few students instead of mass-business operation.

    » 2011 : Designed Specialised Weapons training modules : Knife Fighting / Knife Self Defense : Best for Women or Men alone in house in a Home Robbery or Rape situation.

    » 2011 : Founded Specialised Weapons training modules : Ninja Kubaton Pocket Stick : Best for Women or Men who want Non-Lethal Pressure Points tactics to Deter and Prevent threats.

    » 2011 : Created Specialised Weapons training modules : Collapsible Steel Baton : Best for people travelling to defend against Knife Threats and Car Robbery.

    » 2012 : Being a Social Entrepreneur, he started free sessions for civilians on Basic Safety Empowerment and Self Defense with various organisation like Justice for Women and Volunteer Junkie.

    » 2012 : Launched Motivational Workshop Module: Neuro-Science Positive Emotions and Paranormal Intervention Tactics: Looking at your life from the after-life.

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